Digital Media SDK Solutions: i.MX6

We provide DMSDKs for the NXP Freescale i.MX6 Processor.

Web Camera Digital Media SDK Solutions

We provide DMSDKs for Logitech C92x Web Cameras.

Digital Media SDK Solutions: DM36x

We provide DMSDKs for the Texas Instruments DM365/368 DaVinci Digital Media Processors.

IP Camera Designs

We provide complete IP Camera Designs with implementations that include hardware, application software, Linux kernel, and drivers.

End-to-end Cryptosystems

We provide robust, end-to-end Cryptosystem Implementations using both symmetric-key and public-key architectures.

Digital Signal Processing

We use Digital Signal Processing in order to implement robust communication systems.

Comprehensive Hardware Development

We perform: Requirements analysis; digital, analog, and RF circuit design; PCB layout; design validation testing; pre-production; and transition to full-scale production.

Welcome to Cimarron Systems…

Cimarron Systems is an engineering company focused on the development of systems that utilize emerging digital media technologies, for example, H.264 video encoding/decoding, AAC audio encoding/decoding, and realtime distribution of encrypted content via RTP/RTCP implemented in hardware, software, or both.

In addition, we have developed expertise with the Texas Instruments DM365/368, DM8148/8168, and other DaVinci Digital Media Processors. Additionally, we have expertise with the NXP Freescale i.MX6/7 platforms which has powerful audio/video, image, and graphics processing capabilities along with onboard secure boot, code security, and other powerful cryptographic functions.

We have developed a number of advanced system solutions using the following technologies:
  — Realtime H.264 video encoding at 1920x1080i 30 fps with multi-rate AAC audio encoding using the TI DaVinci DM36x.

  — CDS components including realtime A/V source encoders, RTP/RTCP transport, and A/V destination decoders.
  — Tools for A/V encoding, decoding, and transcoding H.264 video, AAC audio, MPEG-2 TS, and HTTP Live Streaming. 
  — Cryptosystem components designed to secure distributed content including: source encryption/playback decryption.

Digital Media Software Development Kits:
  — CS368-LI DMSDK for the Leopard Imaging LeopardBoard 368
  — CS368-TI DMSDK for the Texas Instruments TMDXEVM368
  — CS365-TI DMSDK for the Texas Instruments TMDXEVM365
  — CS920-LT DMSDK for the Logitech C920 Web Camera
  — CS922-LT DMSDK for the Logitech C922 Web Camera
Digital Audio/Video Encoders:
  — CS2500AV MP4 Encoder
  — CS1500AV MPEG-2 TS Encoder

Cimarron Systems has been engaged by a number of Fortune 100 companies—for example, Arris, Charter Communications, Tandberg TV, and many others—to perform a number of engineering assignments, many that included: end-to-end requirements assessment, systems architectural design, and then developed enterprise-level as well as embedded-level hardware and software.  In addition, Cimarron Systems takes other engineering research and development assignments within its domain of expertise.

Our Expertise

Cimarron Systems has broad experience developing components for end-to-end media-based systems at the enterprise-level; component that reside within the communications network; and application-specific hardware, software, and firmware.  For more information regarding our core competencies, please see: founder biography.


Contact Us

If you need our engineering expertise, please call us at: +1 (720) 260-9212.
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