Cimarron Systems has developed a number of SDKs for Texas Instruments DaVinci Digital Media Processor which are designed to accelerate your development of the core technologies of audio/video encoding, stream transport, audio/video decoding, and audio/video encoding.  Additionally, we have developed several digital media post processing tools for processing of H.264 video and AAC audio.  Each product includes a User’s Guide, an Installation Guide, Application Notes, well commented ‘C’ language source code, one year of updates, and generous support that will ensure your success from the outset.  Also, we offer a number of longer-term support options designed to ensure that your project stays on track.
Additionally, we have made a version of the Texas Instruments DVSDK 4.02—updated to enable robust operation of the LeopardBoard 368 with the LI-5M03 Camera Board as well as the LI-HDI365 Component Video Board—available for community download at no-cost, for students, or low-cost at our shop, for corporate engineering teams and individuals—please see below.

Digital Media Software Development Kits

— CS920-LT DMSDK for the Logitech C920 Web Camera
— CS922-LT DMSDK for the Logitech C922 Web Camera
— CS368-TI DMSDK for the Texas Instruments TMDXEVM368
— CS368-LI DMSDK for the Leopard Imaging Leopard Board 368

Digital Media Encoding/Decoding Products

— CS2500AV MP4 Encoder
— CS1500AV MPEG-2 TS Encoder

Product Datasheets

TI DVSDK 4.02 Patches for LeopardBoard 368

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