Cimarron Systems has performed end-to-end requirements assessment, systems design, and developed enterprise-level as well as embedded hardware/software for a number of Fortune 100 companies. 

A partial client list is:

   —  AT&T Broadband
   —  Charter Communications
   —  PolyCipher
   —  Evolution Digital
   —  Rogers Communications
   —  Tandberg TV
   —  Arris/Digeo

Representative Projects
The following is a partial list of projects the company has successfully undertaken:
Interactive TV/Content Delivery System: for a major multi-program provider, the company has designed a system that securely delivers multiple, iTV Applications and their associated content via satellite to the national U.S. cable headend footprint for content playout across a number of provider channels on target subscribers’ Host Devices.
Authorized Service Domain Client/Server: for a major Conditional Access System (CAS) provider, the company has designed an Authorized Service Domain Client/Server cryptosystem that conditionally allows consumer devices to access television programming and high-speed data located on the multi-program provider’s networks.
Hardware/Software Design for Embedded Systems: for a major broadband network equipment manufacturer, the company designed a system for distributing iTV to commercial premises including, the headend controller, broadband RF modulation system, and the modified Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA) Unit hardware/software.
Multi-port Broadband Entry Devices: for a major broadband network equipment manufacturer, the company designed a family of multi-port premises entry devices that significantly reduce the egress noise profile of the return data channel thereby reducing system noise mitigation requirements, increasing network reliability, and reducing system costs.
Cimarron Systems has broad experience developing end-to-end system components including enterprise, network, and application software as well as for embedded hardware, software, and firmware. If you need our engineering expertise, please call us at: +1 (303) 674-9207 or email us at:

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